Workshop ”Grow your own organic high-speed IT operating model”

Dear members of itSMF, we would like to invite you to an interesting workshop ”Grow your own organic high-speed IT operating model”, no cost to participate.

Explore and apply ITIL® 4 High-velocity IT principles and practices to respond better to the higher demands that digitally-enabled organisations place on IT service management.

Guided by the lead editor ITIL® 4 High-velocity IT and supported by your peers, you will identify key elements for your high-velocity IT operating model – in other words, your way of thinking and working. In this interactive 90-minute workshop, you will make a high-level first draft of an operating model that you can discuss and develop with your co-workers when you get back to work.

The lecture will be in English and will be presented by Mark Smalley, who is the author of the book. ITIL4: High-velocity IT. Mark’s main area of interest is the management of IT systems and services.